About Raphaela


Sometimes what we consider a negative experience turns out to be the very thing that lights a fire to change our lives for the better.  

- Raphaela Browne


My Story

My personal story underscores the force that propels me to do the work I do today.  As a Life and Career Coach, I know that if you are stagnate and unhappy in your life then everything else around you suffers.  

I took a pretty standard path in life: I received my Bachelor’s degree, my Master’s degree, and worked for a few nonprofit organizations, working my way from the bottom to the top. I started out as a Case Manager, and then promoted to Supervisor, Program Administrator and finally became Director at an organization providing oversight to organizations across the city.  After a while, I began feeling like jack of all trades but master of nothing at all.  While I encountered some great co-workers and had a great salary, I wasn’t happy.

Moving forward, No looking back

While it seemed I had it all, I was also engulfed in non-stop work/projects, meetings at the office and more and more work spilling into my home life daily.  As a parent, single parent at that, this felt like a heavy weight.  A weight that kept me out of balance between home and work life, overly stressed and unhappy to say the least and becoming more and more miserable within myself.

I kept thinking: "So many people would want a positon like this? The money, the connections, the opportunities for growth. Am I giving this thing here a chance?"

Underneath all of that, I was deeply afraid that maybe I was stuck, since I’ve always worked in nonprofit leadership for well over a decade. I thought to myself, "Maybe there was nothing else out there I could do. I thought maybe program/youth development and nonprofit leadership was the only thing I was cut out for and thought I would be a failure if I tried anything else"

I finally was tired of being tired so I decided to make a change.... a leap of faith you may call it and gave into a passion that I’ve long been implementing on jobs naturally. 

I realized that finding my passion was connected to my strengths and talents. Using them daily to help others find their “happy” is what I was eager to do.  I simply enjoyed empowering people to push beyond their fears to bring their vision to reality. It was time to stop waiting (and complaining) and actually bring my dreams to reality, so I decided to make a change.

I needed to shake things up; it was time to start living BOLDLY!

This began with me leaving my job; becoming a certified Personal and Executive Coach through Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute which is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and creating a business that is a champion for positive transformation in women and organizations.

Ready to live well, bold and in color? 

Awesome! Let’s work together!  Schedule a conversation with me to discuss how you want to live more boldly -    


I have the below certifications as a coach!