"I had a very positive experience participating in one of Raphaela’s workshops. It was an uplifting experience that left us all with a better outlook on life, and more determination to achieve our goals.  The activities were fun and allowed us to sort through things that were preventing us from accomplishing those goals. She made what could have been a daunting experience incredibly fun! 

Raphaela has great energy that pours over into the people she comes into contact with.   She is compassionate and works hard to help people get to a better place in their personal and professional lives. I recommend her services to anyone who may be finding themselves unfulfilled and looking to reevaluate those areas. "  

-Robin M. Bellamy, Author/Entrepreneur


" Since meeting Raphaela I've watched my personal and professional life grow tremendously. My earnings have almost doubled because of the development, training, and work ethic I’ve adopted while working with her. 

The most important thing people should know is that Raphaela is genuine. She is honest, trustworthy and an extremely hard worker who produces great results. She does not sell false hope or sugar coat things. She is sincere and has always championed me to follow my life's passion and do what is best for my family.   Raphaela's passion for seeing others thrive, her unwavering professionalism, her ability to communicate effectively and motivate are all reasons I would strongly refer her to anyone who wishes to move themselves or their business forward; you will not be disappointed when you hire her! "

-Cherrell Lewis, Social Worker/Property Management


"I relocated to Philadelphia from another city and was new to job market. I was having a difficult time figuring out what my next step should be.  Raphaela helped me to clarify what it is that I wanted to do, and helped me find a new career path.  She gave me access to resources that I did not know existed!  She helped me discover a whole new area of law that I could enjoy being a part of.  Raphaela brought clarity and resources to my need. She helped me tremendously!  I would recommend her to anyone who is at a crossroad in their life!"

- Brenda Busche, Lawyer


                    " It was really a joy to work with Raphaela! I learned how to operate in my role much more effectively and feel accomplished each day.  She brought a sense of clarity to how we operate our programs, which definitely lessened the stress levels.  If you need help with organizing your business or start up, or need coaching for staff, I definitely recommend Raphaela."

                   - Etheline McCline,  Program Coordinator Non Profit Organization


     " I absolutely love Raphaela!  I had already admired her as a professional and knew that I could trust that she would assist me without be judgmental.  As our relationship developed I was amazed was amazed as to how helpful her services are.  I had a laundry list of things that I wanted to work on within myself, and her strategy really helps.  I used to have the attitude that I'll just confide in a friend or talk with a family member, well you just never know how God will answer you, because he sent me a guided angel!  If you are trying to manage work-life balance, then you must consider adding Raphaela’s coaching sessions to your “me list”.   You will begin to keep YOU first and everything else will fall into place!”   

                      - Janada Carter,  Entrepreneur – Beauty Industry


            " I was absolutely stuck before connecting to Raphaela! Her coaching questions helped me to get some relief from my stress and fearful thoughts. 
              I gained a fresh and new perspective, helping me to plan better and connect to the resources readily available to me.

              Her thoughtful questions and encouragement has helped me look ahead and begin moving forward."

           -Diwakar Raja


"Working with Raphaela was wonderful! Speaking with her about my goals and obstacles helped me become more aware of how much control I have over the things I do to negatively contribute to a situation and how to change those thoughts and actions to better achieve my goals.

Since working with Raphaela, I've gained new insights and perspective about myself, my goals, and a better understanding of the people who I allow in my life. I liked and appreciated Raphaela's honesty and useful feedback.  She always allowed me to speak my feelings without judgement and gave me honest commentary about I was saying.  It was refreshing and very helpful in the ways I've decided to approach my next steps with my goals differently.  

I feel more comfortable being honest with others in my life about what I need. I understand more clearly that I am the one who has the most control over the outcomes of my life, not other people. I would recommend her services to someone looking to understand where they are in a better light. I’m looking forward to starting the new year with new goals and a new approach to how I move forward with accomplishing those goals!"

-Janelle Hawes, Financial Consultant


        "My experience while participating in the Women Living Boldly Workshop and connecting with Raphaela allowed me to reflect and appreciate how strong I am as a woman. I also realized the importance of having a strategy and/or plan in order to accomplish my goals; and knowing taking baby steps can lead to gratification.  I would recommend Raphaela’s services to people who are willing to challenge themselves by stepping outside of their comfort zone, set attainable goals and being open to change.  These types of people would benefit from her coaching services. 

Raphaela is greatly dedicated to helping individuals become better in all facets of their lives."

      - Shelly Beard, Social Worker


  Raphaela is a true professional with a natural talent for getting to the core of your problems and helping you own the process as you begin moving forward. When I initially came to Raphaela, I was frustrated with going in circles,and not feeling like I was making progress towards a life I’ve always wanted.  I  didn't know how to get out of my own way, but she helped me with regaining focus and staying on track so I could complete my daily, weekly  and work towards my long term goals.

I now have achieved the biggest thing for my life which is getting clear about my career goals learning the steps to take to get there, and working on this every day.  Also during this process I felt comfortable sharing my faith with her and knowing she would be able to  respond to that accordingly providing guidance and not steer me away from my Christian beliefs during this process. I have  developed a support system and put things in place to help me maintain  a healthy mindset to keep moving forward.     

I recommend  Raphaela’s coaching services to  anyone who feels stuck, unsure about next steps in areas of their career/life and wants support in having a safe space to explore , gain insight, direction and clear strategies to move forward.  She will keep your goals at the forefront and  help you take steps with getting out of your comfort zone.   

-Christine Trevino, Customer Service Rep