How Was Your 2014?


Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.   - Margaret J. Wheatley

 Did you realize there are only 21 days left in 2014! (Yikes)

Usually, as we get closer to the end of each year, there is normally a Year in Review of major news events, music or a memoriam for celebrities.   As you take a look back over the entire year, you get to watch everything that has occurred and remember how you felt when those events happened.

Some events give a warm nostalgic feeling, while others bring back feelings of sadness or heartbreak at the very sight of it. But all of those events make the year what it is- full of growth and challenges.  In the end, it generally causes everyone to think about where they are now and their desires for a better new year.

As I look back on my own 2014, while there were some experiences that still give me a sense of pain, there are just as many experiences that promoted a great evolution in myself.  I definitely experienced some major inward and outward growth!

Internally, I have increased my faith by believing that all things will work together for my good no matter what struggles I encounter. I am confident in knowing that I AM ENOUGH (I put that in all caps because sometimes we need to shout it out)- I am uniquely me and no longer need to desperately prove my worthiness to anyone.  I am here full of the gifts and talents given specifically just for me and no “shape shifting” is needed to try to fit a certain mold for others.  And lastly, I know my spirit or “my light”  will always connect with the right people who will help me grow and stretch as I continue on this journey of life.

Outwardly, I can say I have GROWN.  I have opened myself up to sharing my experiences with others, in the hopes of providing encouragement and maybe even be a source of motivation.  There is more joy within myself and it is radiating in my interactions with others.  There is a wonderful glow of confidence and poise when I speak, because I am more certain of my abilities.  Goals that I previously thought unattainable were only figments of my imagination and I discovered that these ventures are truly achievable.

While I am amazed at how my life has unfolded this year, I know that greatness awaits for you in 2015 as well!

I encourage you to conduct your own “Year in Review” and carve out some time to reflect. This exercise is helpful in the following ways:

  • You can track and view your progress from this year
  • It's a way to acknowledge and celebrate success in different areas of your life
  • You can see the areas you hope to grow in and create actionable steps to get there

Reflection Assignment:

1. What were areas of inward growth for you?

Inward growth is any area of your core being that has stretched, making you stronger. Internal growth builds a firmer foundation and allows the expansion of resources (gifts) that were already in you. Ex. increased faith, decreasing negative talk in your mind, increasing a sense of joy from within

2.  What were areas of outward growth?

Outward growth is a change in behavior, interactions with others and your overall presentation of yourself based on your internal change/internal growth.

  3. What areas do you desire to grow in? (Don’t be too hard on yourself we are all an ongoing work in progress)

The gift of self-reflection and rediscovery is a wonderful way to end the year and plan for 2015.

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