Invest in You in the New Year


Recently, a group of friends and I had a discussion about the goals we've accomplished this year and carrying what was learned into the New Year. One of the things that rang true for everyone, was all of our accomplishments was about inward growth. Instead of only setting tangible goals, friends discussed setting goals that helped them to grow from within. There was a strong desire to change some habits that was causing extreme amounts of stress, anxiety and general unhappiness.

Some friends shared that they made a conscious effort to be more true to themselves and how freeing it was to do so. They decided to no longer give into those things that set them out of balance or cave into the demands of others. In the process of making someone else feel comfortable and satisfying their wants, often times turned out to be to the detriment of their self. One friend shared that this year was about putting those swirling thoughts in her head of venturing out into her own business into action and while she hadn’t “checked the box” that said "goal completed", she was continuously moving closer in direction of achieving that goal, which was definitely progress.

As you look towards 2015, I want to challenge you to create goals that are an investment in your inward growth. Create intrinsic goals, these are goals related to personal growth and enhancing personal relationships. As I briefly discussed in my last blog, inward growth provides a sturdy foundation and grows your “light” from within which in return improves your outward “shine”. It’s being in a state of fulfillment and joy within yourself.

Examples of inward growth or intrinsic goals is striving for meaningful relationships such as connecting with those who encourage your progress, or creating personal boundaries to not allow negative people in your life or in your space. This can be someone who speaks to you consistently in a demeaning tone even after you share that you don't like it.

Here are 3 ways to help you begin:

  • Get clear on your values. What is important to YOU?  

Knowing what’s important will help you live a life that is authentic for YOU.   Also you will be more likely to understand your boundaries and things you are willing and not willing to accept in your life.  So let’s figure out what’s working or not working, then create a list of 10-20 values that are important to you.  Here are some examples, Spiritual Growth, Family, Leisure Activities-Hobbies and Fun, Career, Health and Fitness.

  • Ask yourself is your life presently aligned to your values?  

Once you create your Values list, pick out the 5 top areas you feel are currently lacking in your life.  Then pick out the    top 3 areas you would like to begin work on.

  • Create goals that align with your life and begin implementing daily.  

Take action, and spend some quiet time before the New Year to develop small goals and begin putting into action. You can also create a phrase/mantra that will support your values in 2015.   Examples of this are, “I am enough” or “I will say YES to myself”.   These were just some quick examples, but definitely create a phrase or phrases (s) that resonates with who you are and where you are aiming to be.

Nurturing yourself inwardly, will spark the change that will reap benefits throughout the New Year and eventually over a lifetime. Greatness Awaits!

May you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Posted on December 22, 2014 and filed under Authentic Living, Personal.