The Pride of Superwoman


I have finally realized that I am not Superwoman………Shhh, don’t tell my ego –Bria Lear

I love that song “Superwoman” by Alicia Keys because it embodies empowerment, co-signing that women are able to achieve anything they want while taking care of the home front. And while this is a symbol of pride to feel like you can do it all, even Superwoman gets tired.

In my last post I shared that I broke my leg and tore a ligament. While I’ve shown great improvement, I’m still on the mend with 5 more weeks of healing, which means 5 more weeks of being still. I’ve never been in a situation in my adult life where I had no choice but to depend on others. I must admit I have the “Superwoman Syndrome”, I do it all, and pride myself in wearing that “S” emblem beaming on my chest. However, it tends to get lonely when you’re constantly doing “everything” and not having someone to lean on at times and connect with.

While there are times that calls for doing it all on your own and for some women it is necessary based on their circumstances, I want to encourage you to look at this independence thing a little differently.

As a child your parents love, nurture and teach you about responsibility, eventually leading you to becoming independent as adults. However as an adult, your independence is not meant to isolate you from others.

In life, my pride has “protected” me, for the most part, keeping me away from dealing with some less than desirable situations. And while I take pride in being the “strong”, tough, independent “I can do it on my own” type of person, I also wonder how often I have “missed the mark”, missed opportunities, and missed connecting with someone because of it. This false pride is blinding and can keep you from seeing situations for how they truly are.

So now that I’m off this leg for the rest of the summer, I’m in my most vulnerable state, needing others for help. I am actually starting to feel good about being able to rely on people who I love and trust for support.   These are friends who feel more like family and they wouldn’t think twice about coming to me and my family’s aide.

I use to feel weird about asking for help, it made me feel weak and so vulnerable, as if it was taking away from my “strong image”However, I know now that having the courage to reach out to others and express that you need help shows strength.

So, I encourage while you’re consumed with life, building your career, creating your business, raising children, being a boss, or wife that you take time to connect with others. Open yourself up to acceptance or maybe rejection, but learning to be free in genuinely engaging with others

We were not meant to be alone, even if we are living alone, we are meant to connect with others. It’s O.K to put down your cape and take off your shirt with the “S”, because in all actuality you are human and are not asked to carry the load of this world alone.

This week I encourage you to think about the following:

  • How often do you find yourself wearing the “S” on your chest? And when do you feel the need to?
  • What areas in your life could use some extra support?
  • Who’s in your “village”? Identify the top five people you can call on when you are in need of help. If you can’t think of anyone who could potentially be there as support, it’s time to assess your circle. Think about joining a group of people with similar interests to begin building your village.

P.S. If there’s someone you know who struggles with the “Superwoman Syndrome” and needs encouragement with reaching out to others when in need, please share this post with them.

Until next time,

Greatness Awaits

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