Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

comfort-zone “You are only confined by the walls you build for yourself” -Andrew Murphy

So, my last blog post focused on “The Mirage of a Comfort Zone”(read here in case you missed it) and I shared that I am making this topic a three part series. The goal is to get you to think past your fears and focus on where you desire to be.

Today’s post will explore getting “Comfortable with being Uncomfortable.”   This is a major move for people and it’s a definite challenge, due to the anxiety that comes with thinking about leaving “home base.”  No matter how chaotic it may be in the comfort zone, it’s familiar. That’s why for some people the door can be wide open but they never leave.

Let’s get started by focusing on one way to begin this process of moving forward!

Check out the link to my  short video to get  some encouragement for the week  Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable and feel free to share with others!

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