The Bold Life

If you follow my blog one of my fav sayings is “baby steps is still progress”, and creating a website was definitely one of those goals that required consistent baby steps over time.   But, I am thrilled to finally say I've launched!  Click here to read moreI have to thank graphic designer, Rebecca Frantzis, who was patient and helped bring my vision to life. (check her out on LinkedIn or Facebook she’s great!) 

A little over a year ago, I knew I wanted to create a business and a space for professional women to learn they could thrive in their careers and personal lives, by moving beyond their self-imposed limits and recreating a new story for where they wanted to be.   I made a bold move and have never looked back (read this post to see what I did).  It’s actually freeing to do something you love and that aims to truly uplift others.

You won’t always have everything figured out and everything is NOT going to be perfect, but I encourage you to take a chance on you.    You might have been thinking about leveling up in your relationship, your career, your business, your education, new services, products and more but you keep “waiting” for the right time.   With exactly 30 days left in this year, I want you to stop talking yourself out of “being great”, embrace what’s already there for you and know that fear always appears when you are about to do something big or new in your life.  

My motto “Live Well, Bold and in Color” is about getting rid of YOUR template for life and embracing life unscripted.  When you’re pushing past those negative thoughts and fears, trust your gut, increase your faith and know that even if progress seems slow or not evident right now, you are on track for greater.  

I’m on a journey of living boldly and I am happy to help you do the same!  Visit me at my website  and head over to my blog  to leave a comment!

Stay tuned for moreJ

Until next time…. Greatness Awaits

P.S. If you are interested in knowing more about my services or have any questions don’t hesitate to connect with me!


Posted on December 1, 2015 and filed under Personal, Success.