Encourage Yourself

Before I get into today’s brief post, I want to apologize for a “post” that went out last week; that was an error on my part.  Let’s just say when you carry your cellphone in the wrong place weird posts are created and random friends are dialed:)

Also, I want to thank you for taking time to connect with me this year through reading my blog, inboxing me or leaving your comments.  Your interaction and feedback is what helps to make this blog community what it is.  I sincerely appreciate all of you and look forward to expanding this community and connecting more with you in the New Year.

So as we round out the end of 2015, I really want you to focus on your year and think about some of the highlights.  I’m sure there were some great accomplishments, achievements and successes (pat yourself on the back!) and I know there were some losses, setbacks, and disappointments (definitely acknowledge those feelings, but don’t be too hard on yourself).   When you take time to truly reflect, all of the events that have occurred in your life this year, ultimately add to your growth and help you become a better version of YOU.

At times we tend to skim past those things we’ve achieved and not even recognize how far we’ve come. But then we place more energy and focus into what didn’t happen, or should have happened or what went wrong; and this is where people become stuck. 

 My hope for you in 2016 is to take time to encourage yourself.     It’s awesome to have a great support system and people rooting for you; everyone definitely needs one.  However, when you’re alone, dealing with challenges, battling negative thoughts or even about to make a major move in your life, how do you uplift yourself? 

Learning to speak life into yourself and your situation is one of the best ways to build internal strength, increase faith and keeps you moving forward.   At some point, we have to take responsibility and ownership for our joy, peace and growth.   We must learn to become more self-supportive, self-loving and move ourselves out of negativity, self-doubt and fear.  It’s when we put all of the responsibility on others to make us happy, is when we become deflated, our self-esteem runs low and we continue to remain empty until we get the next temporary fix of "happiness" from someone else.  

I want you to go into 2016 BOLD, ready to achieve and tackle all that’s ahead!  Some ways to help build up your inner foundation is through prayer/meditation, reflecting on the positive things in your life, taking time to help someone in need.  Also check out this resource Five Minute Journal  to help you kick start your journey into reflecting on the positives and owning your joy in the New Year!

I look forward to connecting with all of you in 2016. I’ve been working on coaching opportunities, events and more materials to help you grow on your journey!

If ever you need support with moving past anxiety, fear or doubt with impending changes in your career or life, leave me a message  or schedule here  for a Complimentary Coaching Session, with no obligation.

Until next time…..Greatness Awaits!   Talk to you in the New Year!


Posted on December 20, 2015 .