Do You Have A Fear Of Success?

Do you have a fear of success?  Sounds weird, right?  But it happens to us, ladies, more often than we think. 

You finally get the promotion you’ve always wanted. Yes!  But then you start wondering if you’re able to do the job, or what will people think of you. Or maybe you’ve finally found love again and everything is going so well, but then you begin wondering if this is real and will it work out.  Your thoughts begin creating a laundry list of everything that has the potential to go wrong, sometimes talking yourself right out of your happiness into thinking you should’ve stayed where you were.  

Here are a few things NOT to do, so you can keep the momentum going with your success.

1. Self – Sabotage-  This is the “Unconscious Safety Net.”   So, you’re starting to nit-pick about little things, procrastinate or slowly revert into old habits.  It’s time to look at those behaviors, thoughts, and emotions you unknowingly keep reverting to.  Ask yourself these questions: What do I believe about this situation?  How is this belief helping me?   How will changing my response to this situation allow me to get what I truly desire?  Once you’re clear on the answers begin taking action, get out of old unproductive habits and do things differently.

2. Forgetting the Present Moment- It’s great to have a vision for your life and work towards that, at the same time it’s important not to miss the moments right in front of you!   Most times getting stuck comes from feeling like we should have the perfect plan, the perfect layout, and the perfect vision for the future before we take action.  But honestly, no one can predict the future - all you have is today.  Commit to the experiences you want to have in life and that will help you move forward on your goals. Let your vision be a guide, but not so rigid that you cannot flow with what’s in the present moment of today.

3. Thinking or Playing Small –There’s nothing wrong with thinking big.  At times we tend to restrict ourselves right into a box and before you know it we’re already operating as if we’re in a deficit. According to  Tripp Lanier,  Playing small usually means “we dismiss what we truly want in life to maintain a present-moment illusion of security, acceptance, or control.” In contrast, playing big means “we’re willing to experience short-term discomfort, risk, and uncertainty in the service of what we truly want — to feel alive, to experience greater love and connection with others, to feel a deep sense of peace, and to live with greater freedom.”

When you want to shrink in the face of fear consider asking yourself “How would my life change if I continued moving past this moment of fear?” Write your answer down and keep as a reminder.

So, no more playing small.  You’ve prayed for it, worked hard for it and its time to embrace what’s meant for you.  With less than 60 days left in 2016, let’s all agree to get out of our own way and open ourselves up to receive the love, peace, career, business, or clients we’re meant to receive.  No need to wait for the New Year to work on goals we can start today.

Feel free to leave your comments below and share how you'll embrace success going forward!

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Posted on November 2, 2016 .