PART 2 - 6 Ways to Find Courage to Live the Life You Desire

Happy Sunday!
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and had a chance to relax.  I want to offer you some encouragement and tips as you get ready for this upcoming week.

Last week I sent out the first part to Finding Courage to Live the Life You Desire,(here's the link to read in case you didn't get a chance) so let's dive into PART 2! Hopefully, this will get you brainstorming ways to begin implementing into your life.

#4 How Does It Feel?........

And I’m not talking about that song from D’Angelo.

In order to get the courage to pursue something new, take time to think about how you would feel after accomplishing that goal or how it would feel to actually make it to the other side of a tough situation. 

Sometimes we get caught up in how hard it will be, how long it will take, and not wanting to leave the familiar (no matter how awful the situation is) behind. I’m challenging you to think about what it would feel like to accomplish what you thought was impossible.  How would it feel to actually start your business and get your first client, what are the emotions that come up when you think about where you desire to be?  Or even, how would it feel to get into the career you’ve always wanted.  Thinking about how you would like to feel on the other side of where you are now will help you begin to take action.

#5 There is Enough, You Are Enough

Thoughts of “I don’t have this” or “I need that” or “I can’t because of this” shows up when you desire to try something new and this is understandable.  As adults we have very real responsibilities. 

However, to take the first step towards being courageous, start thinking of ways of where and how the vision can happen.    Example, if you want to make more time for self-care (exercise, meditating, mani, pedi, indulge in a hobby), but you work fifty hours a week then in the evenings is homework with kids, dinner to make and then getting them ready for bed.  I challenge you to do an overall analysis of your schedule, finances and time to see what areas have some room for you to begin small.

Maybe there’s an upcoming day in the month you know can be dedicated for you; SCHEDULE IT.  What’s not scheduled doesn’t get done.  Maybe your spouse, friend or family member can take the kids for an hour one evening, just so you can catch a breather.

Remember to think about what you DO have (strengths, time, resources) that are available to you and start there. When you begin thinking there’s enough, you’ll see the options to make it happen.

#6 “You Can’t Sit with Us”

When I think of this phrase it really makes me laugh; I LOVE IT.   But it’s so true, surround yourself with people who will encourage you, tell you the truth when needed and support you as you try to do something new.   It’s difficult to get away from old habits and connect to a new desired path when there are people in your life offering up advice that keeps you stuck.   Find   people to support you on your new journey, so you can stay the course. And distance yourself from those that bring you down
So,there you have it, 6 great reminders to help you gain the courage to live the life you desire. Remember you only have one life, and you want to spend it with purpose and enjoying it.  So let’s get going!  Feel free to pass this blog on to your family and friends.

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Until next time....... Greatness Awaits!

Posted on March 5, 2016 .