Don't Go It Alone

With all that has occurred in the past week, it was somewhat challenging for me to think about writing anything.  But  through prayer, meditation and writing is where I find solace and clarity.  During challenging times or if you feel drained it's so important to take a moment recharge. 

In light of the incidents from last week and even over the past few months, if you feel led to do something positive (prayer, find a group to begin having discussions about these topics, organize an event in your neighborhood, send a letter of encouragement to the families of the slain) then definitely do so.   We all have the power and ability to share love and light out into those places of darkness. 

In closing out the Designing a Life You Love series, let’s take a look at the importance of building or joining a community/group that provides additional support on your journey.  Yes, this journey is about you developing a life you love from the inside out, but when doing so link up with those who are doing the same.  It’s when we share our experiences and resources that we bring a richness and abundance to our journey.   It’s through this community or partnership that you find accountability, encouragement to stay the course, learn new ideas and gain resources.

While you may not be interested in getting support outside of family and friends, however yo may find it helpful to gain a fresh perspective and ideas for how to move forward.   Here are a few benefits of joining a group/community:

Feeling Less Isolated:  You’d be surprised how many people have gone through where you’ve been or are currently going through where you are right now.  And it’s through someone sharing that they understand, acknowledging that you’re not “crazy” and affirming that you have the right to make changes in your life, no matter what stage you’re in is when you begin to feel like some sort of change can occur.   Through this new found support is where you feel validated and empowered to begin building towards something new.  It’s through this community where you’ll feel less judged and it’s with this community where you’ll increase your confidence to stay the course to “grow” forward in your life.
Gain New Resources and Opportunities:   When you go it alone you’ll find some resources, but when you connect to a group you’ll gain a plethora of resources and opportunities.  Forging new relationships not only helps you grow in your walk but there is also an abundance of opportunities to come out of it, such as building new friendships, gaining new referrals, clients leads, partnerships for an event or business ventures. Also once you share your strengths someone will take notice and connect you to opportunities within other networks.
Move Goals Forward More Quickly and Effectively: When you have support you’re able to go further!  It gives you a boost in motivation and the ability to believe that all is possible.    When   the people around you are growing and excelling, you too will experience success.  In the African proverb that states “I am because we are”, it’s because I share and pass knowledge, experiences and resources onto you, that you grow and become better on your journey.   When that energy is constantly transferred along, a strong community of people who builds up one another will create a continuous cycle to help others move forward.

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Posted on July 10, 2016 .