Don't Let Overthinking Stop You From Moving Forward


So, ladies I must confess …....
I'm guilty of overthinking things in my life and business.  Yes, even though I am a coach,  and help women with their mindset and moving past fears, I still sometimes struggle in this area, myself.

Sometimes, I replay things over and over again in my head, before taking action. And I even try to play out different scenarios all the way down to what I think will happen in the end and by this time my thoughts have lead me down a rabbit hole.  I’m chasing these thoughts and thinking if I keep analyzing and grinding them down until I don’t have any more “what if” questions( if that's even possible) then I’ll be completely comfortable and safe to take a step forward. But by then, I've wasted so much time and have not taken any action.  Does this happen to you?  Do you think about every possible “what if” scenario that could happen?  

Are you waiting for things to be perfect before you move forward with a decision?  Are you indecisive and find yourself not making a decision at all (which is, by the way, making a decision even if you choose to do nothing).  The funny thing is, on the journey out of your comfort zone, you’re not always going to have the perfect answer at your finger tip, but you're able to use your best judgment, make a decision and move forward. Even if the decision you made ends up not working, there’s always room to adjust. It doesn't have to be permanent.

Just in case you're wondering if you live in the land of overthinking, here are a few signs:

  • Second guess everything
  • Analyze things to death
  • Expect the worst to happen
  • Would rather someone decide for you
  • A perfectionist
  • Criticize yourself a lot
  • Never sure of yourself

 Most times after one session with a client, I recognize no matter what their vision, goal or dream is, their mindset is the first thing to work on.   Managing those negative thoughts; the replaying of past andvarious wrongs you believed happened to you; worrying about what people may think of you or your situation and dealing with the “inner critic” is what keeps you “stuck” from moving towards the great relationship you want to have, career growth, sales conversations in your business, or even having the peace of mind you desire in life.  

As a coach, some of the ways I help my clients stop their minds from going on a mental roller coaster is by helping them look at a situation for what it is and then understand how unresolved feelings from the past can cause negative reactions to present circumstances. We look at the triggers causing you to overthink and other blocks to moving forward. And then create strategies to help quiet your busy mind and help you pay attention to or resolve what is.

 By the end of our time together, clients are able to recognize their specific triggers, notice when they’re about to jump off the deep end and use techniques to manage their thoughts. These technique helps in countless ways such as becoming more poised on the job, responding to tough, stressful situations in a more productive manner and knowing how to self-coach through these types of situations going forward.

So while overthinking attacks even the best of us (we're human right?),  being able to recognize when it shows up and knowing how to handle it before it leads to overwhelm is key.
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Posted on May 22, 2017 .