“I’ve been waiting so long for things to change, that I find myself going in circles with nothing ever changing.  I’m still where I don’t want to be -I’m at a job I don’t like, I’m not married yet and I just don't have a real life.  I know once I have those things I will feel so much happier in life”
How many of us have found ourselves in situations thinking that someone or some circumstance would help make everything in our lives so much better? * slowly raises hand*   So we waited…….and things remained the same.  And we waited some more and nothing ever changed. 

 The above statement was shared with me, from a client who thought if only she hoped for her circumstance to be better, then it would change.  And while hope is a great feeling to have in helping you believe for better, (and not wallow in what isn’t) hope is also tied to reenergizing yourself enough to take action.   

The good news is my client and I worked on various strategies to help her get to the core of her beliefs in thinking everything would be fine once she reached her end goals.   We were also able to look at her “blind spots”  so she could see how she was missing out on areas of her life that brought joy.  The goal was to not let life passively happen to her, but for her to get involved in life and enjoy the journey while she was working towards a more improved future. 

We took time to look at the thought patterns keeping her stuck,  and also at all the strengths, people, and great opportunities she had around her.  She learned that while wanting better she needed to begin living now and not wait to obtain these things before being happy.  She also learned that to build a firm foundation in moving forward, there were beliefs and behaviors that she needed to let go of and change. I know you hear me talk often about changing your thoughts and mindset, and it's because our thoughts are what feeds our actions; so it's vital to begin there.

Often times, we put all of our energy and grand expectations on a person or circumstance to change our lives,  that we begin missing out on the blessings all around us.

We all want things to change for the better when perhaps focusing on becoming better in the processis the real goal. When you finally accept that you are your ownrescue, you will generate more joy and peace inside of you.

So,let's chat! I invite you to have a conversation with me.  I’m opening up time in my schedule over the next two weeks for us to connect.   Click here to schedule your time. It’s time to stop hoping for things to change without you taking a good look at how to change it.


Posted on August 2, 2017 .