Are You Remembering to Count Your Blessings?

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  So, when I started off this year, I shared my one word for 2018 was Abundance (click to read previous post about choosing one word for the year) and literally after I said it aloud and shared it with all of you through my newsletter, so many things have happened one after another and not, necessarily, in the way you may think.  You see as soon as I claimed abundance for my life, problems showed up left and right, one right after another. 

I declared:

  • "God, I'm ready for abundance" - My car broke down in the middle of a busy street
  • "Abundance now" - my hot water heater died, water leaked throughout my basement and I had to get a new hot water heater
  • "I'm so ready for overflow in my life" - Part of the ceiling in my living fell right down out of no where...I'm working on getting that fixed too.

And the list continues on and on.  The reason why I'm sharing this with you is when there's something you desire for your life, obstacles and challenges(some tough ones) will show up even before you can see the blessing.  So in the midst of your pain, discouragement, doubt I encourage you to look for the goodness all around you.  Despite, if what you're seeing right now isn't aligning with what you're hoping for, I challenge you to keep your eyes open for the blessings.

Last month I wrote a quick story for Kind Over Matter   about seeing the blessings during my challenges. I hope you see something in this story that will help you and feel free to forward this to others.

Posted on March 27, 2018 .