One Word That Leads To Change


I'm so glad to get back to connecting with all of you and hoping your 2018 is off to a great start.  As with any new year, new week, or even new day, there is always another chance to get it right and have a fresh start.  

I came across the One Word Reading Plan which inspired me to think of one word that would become my consistent theme for this year.  In past years, a friend and I normally discussed our goals and focus for following year.  She would always come up with a catchy theme that would have us excited. This time around, coming up with a catchy theme was challenging, so I shared the One Word Reading Plan and within no time she chose a word that represented how she wanted her life to reflect for the year. ( Feel free to check out the One Word Reading plan, just click on the link)

 When you focus on one key word, instead of a phrase, it is much easier to think of something that captures all that you aspire to do this year.   This word will stretch you, help cut through the distractions and keep you focused in all aspects of your life- spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally or even financially.

So to get started, think about a character trait, or a word to describe a specific value or a word to describe more of what you want in your life. It may come to you naturally; you may need a few days to “chew on it” or you may desire to take the word in prayer to see if it’s a true fit.  Once you've decided on that word,  you'll know because it will encompass all that you desire for your life.


My one word for this year is “Abundance." This represents being in a position in my life where I'm not only ready to receive but ready to give or share in abundance.  This is also recognizing that abundance isn't just hoping for tons of money ( which by the way I would not mind if it came my way :)  but it's being READY to receive all that's available to me  - whether it's love, opportunities, growth in business/career, friendships, peace, or joy.  Most times those things are right in front of us, but we aren't able to recognize it or appreciate it because of our view on what it should be or look like.  

The one thing I know for sure, is you have the ability to set your intentions and put out into the universe what you hope to accomplish this year.

You have the power within to choose how you show up in all aspects of your life.  If you want to grow more in your faith; it’s your choice. If you want to improve your relationships or expand your connections, it’s your choice. If you want to live with more peace within, it’s your choice. No one else can make that decision for you.
What about you?  What is your one-word theme for 2018?

Leave a comment or email me to share!

P.S. I  originally wrote this post the beginning of 2016 and while I didn't share it last year, I continue to use one word for my year.  In 2016 it was "Build", and 2017 it was "Relationships"  and by the end of each year, when I reflected, I showed up powerfully in those ways and  doors opened that I didn't know would. My hope is what I've shared will support you as much as it has supported me  over these past years.

Posted on March 27, 2018 .