Wouldn't you feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment by creating a true vision of success for your life, no longer living the expectations and judgement of others.

You've already accomplished and overcome so much in your career and life, but yet you feel like something is missing.

You're tired of feeling complacent, stuck or like your going through the motions.

The idea of venturing out of your comfort zone can be scary, but remaining in the same unfulfilled place year after year can be even scarier.

                                                  You're time is now!

You DESERVE to have a career and life that is fulfilling and connected to your strengths and to things that light you up.

As your coach, my sessions WILL help you:

  • Have a safe space to explore what is possible for your career and life.
  • Define success on YOUR own terms and to stop listening/doing what other's say you should do
  • Gain confidence and take action on your goals so you can have the career and life you love.
  • Craft a vision that speaks to who you are, so you can develop strategies with long lasting results. 
  • Improve your work-life balance to avoid burnout.
  • Decrease your fears around career and life changes so you have confidence in making better decisions.
  • Shift your mindset from living passively to OWNING how you choose to show up in life.

For the woman who's READY to create success on her own terms in her career, business and overall life and define what BOLD means to her, then it’s time for us to become "partners in crime" and start working together! 

Let’s connect for a conversation through a complimentary 45 minute Virtual Chat to discuss more!





I offer a 90 minute intensive private coaching session with to help you craft a vision , map out a strategy and develop the courage to take the next step for your career and life.  You'll walk away with a renewed sense of hope, combined with having confidence clarity and a solid strategy for the next phase of your life/career. 


These 1 hr coaching sessions are customized to your specific needs.   If you’re facing challenges related to fear of change, renewing your mindset and overcoming negative thoughts; or in need of better self-care and balance;  thriving at work, relationships, and personal life, then use these powerful sessions to break out of those areas where you feel absolutely stuck.


During these three months of working together, we'll take more time to uncover the areas where you're stuck and walk through the various stages of creating a Vision,  developing a healthy Mindset,  crafting the Strategy, gaining resources to help with Skill building and looking at how to keep the Momentum so you can have a thriving career, business and overall life.


This 6 month program is for ambitious professional women who are leaders in some aspect of their lives, careers, or businesses who’ve been successful in so many ways, but are currently feeling stuck, complacent and unsure about next steps.  You know there’s something else out there for you, but when opportunities are presented to excel you feel that you aren’t ready or believe someone else is more qualified.


Have questions? Definitely schedule a time to speak with me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coaching the same as therapy?

Not at all - Therapy goes more in depth about past issues that blocks an individual’s emotional function in the present. While coaching provides a space for you to share your personal issues and past experiences, we will spend more of our time discussing what’s presently occurring in your life and what are the best ways you can resolve those challenges.

Is coaching the same as consulting?

Consulting is also different from coaching because it focuses more on me coming in as an expert and giving you the answers to solve your challenges. In coaching you are the expert on your life and able to generate solutions that are viable to achieving your goals. My role is to be honest, intuitive, supportive, and illuminate your blind spots while you gain a new perspective on your challenges and moving forward. It’s important to understand that having you OWN the solution and results, heeds higher levels of happiness and fulfillment.

Why do people come to you for coaching?

People reach out to me for various reasons -however the common theme is, there's a challenge that is causing stagnation, fear, anxiety and unhappiness and you are READY to change it. Below are a few examples of what I have worked on with clients:

  • Desire to regain a healthy balance between home and work life.
  • Wanting to overcome fear of impending changes in career or relationships and plan best way to move forward.
  • Creating time within a busy schedule to grow business
  • Improving communicaton or developing "your voice" within career and personal relationships
  • Building and increasing "your presence" in the work place
  • Wanting to get clear on the many ideas for business and creating actionable steps to move forward.

What can a coach do that I can’t do on my own?

I like to say coaching is similar to having a personal trainer for your life. When people are looking to achieve health, fitness and weight loss in a targeted and progressive manner, people will seek out a personal fitness trainer to help achieve that goal. While health, getting fit and losing weight can all be done on your own, if you are looking for an accountability partner, someone to push/motivate you and someone who knows exactly what to do to get your body toned in a specific amount of time then a fitness trainer is who you want.

As a Life Coach, I will support you in digging out of the hole of frustration and gain a new perspective in where you are most unhappy. I am a personal trainer for your life and we will tackle those targeted areas together to achieve success. Just like with exercise you will have to put in the work to move past those tough places to reach your goals.

What does your coaching process look like?

I offer a complimentary first session with prospective clients to gain a better understanding of your current challenges and learn what your vision is for moving forward. This is also a great time to ask me questions and to see if I’m a good fit for you as a coach and vice versa. If all signs point to moving forward we will figure out the frequency of our sessions. I highly recommend once a week to tackle challenges consistently, however there are some people who prefer every other week. We will also discuss how you prefer to meet- phone, Google hangout or in person as well as to discuss your time frame for coaching. I recommend at least 3 months.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching is truly a great benefit. However, if you are still on the fence and are curious in finding out more, feel free to contact me to schedule a time or take the “Ready for Coaching?” quiz to see if coaching suits your needs at this time. This will not take long at all, so click on the link above to find out!

“I absolutely love Raphaela! I had already admired her as a professional and knew that I could trust that she would assist me without being judgmental. As our relationship developed I was amazed as to how helpful her services are. I had a laundry list of things that I wanted to work on within myself, and her strategy really helps.

I used to have the attitude that I’ll just confide in a friend or talk with a family member, well you just never know how God will answer you, because he sent me a guided angel! If you are trying to manage work-life balance, then you must consider adding Raphaela’s coaching sessions to your “me list”. You will begin to keep YOU first and everything else will fall into place!”
— Janada Carter Entrepreneur-Beauty Industry