I help organizations and small businesses understand how to use their strengths, develop their mindset and potential, understand their limits, break down walls, and expose the gaps.

What else will I do?

  • Bring a fresh, objective, credible perspective as an outsider looking in
  • Be a keen listener to give constructive feedback
  • Bring order to your chaos by smoothing out your processes
  • Focus on scaling your priorities to keep you on track and accountable
  • Clarify and align personal and business goals
  • Assist in creating and refining the strategy to implement the action plan
  • Show you how to better manage time and stress to increase productivity
  • Build a better team by communicating a Vision, Mission, and Culture
  • Build a stronger team by getting them to use their strengths and talents to lead from where they are.
  • Build confidence as a leader in the office with a future for a life outside of work

If you are thinking about forming, growing or restructuring programs within your organization, I am able to offer you my tools, knowledge and experience to get you to the next stage of growth.  

Below are some areas I’ve helped organizations with

  • Creating internal systems and benchmarks to help organizations provide quality services while maintaining compliance with funders
  • Improve company culture through effective communication and understanding the team’s role in actualizing the organization’s vision
  • Program design and restructuring to better meet the needs of customers and clients,as well as use of staff’s strengths and talents
  • Expansion of community program to service schools and other organizations with areas of need
  • Creating structure to newly formed program and internal processes to help staff with uniformity and consistency in implementation.
  • Leadership and team development
  • Improving employee morale
  • Staff transition support
  • Grant writing and training

If you’re interested, but have more questions feel free to contact me so we can schedule a time to talk more about your needs.

It was really a joy to work with Raphaela! I learned how to operate in my role much more effectively and feel accomplished each day. She brought a sense of clarity to how we operate our programs, which definitely lessened the stress levels. If you need help with organizing your business or start up, or need coaching for staff, I definitely recommend Raphaela.
— Etheline McCline, Program Coordinator - Non-profit organization