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This space is to empower and support the ambitious, successful professional woman

on her journey to living a bolder life and creating how success looks like on her own terms.

Ready to define what success looks like for you?   Great!  See how my services can help you or your organization.



Everyone has felt “stuck” at some point in their life or career. I'll help you conquer your fears, tap into your strengths, and begin moving from where you are NOW to -- Living Well, Boldly & In Color!

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Looking to join a community of women on the same journey? Attend one of my fun and engaging workshops where you'll gain access to coaching, a supportive group and tools to help you transition your life to the next level.

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Need fresh eyes on a new project? Need guidance with restructuring or program development? Whether staffing or programming, I will provide an assessment, tools and a plan for your organization.

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