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Do you feel stuck? Unfulfilled? Overwhelmed and stressed about changes in your career and personal life?  Then it's time to learn how to:

What does Live Well, Live Bold, Live in Color mean? 

If you have ever felt stuck, stagnate or unhappy in some area of your life you understand the notion of not truly living.  It's as if the light within you has dimmed or has gone out.

I noticed with my clients, they were taking care of everyone else, but forgot about taking care of themselves. They were remaining in negative situations out of fear of not finding or doing better, and their work and home lives were so out of balance.  Many women, like yourself, were trying to balance careers they're not even interested in, while struggling to be present for their families. They're finding this juggling act along with holding up the "trying to be strong" image all too stressful. My clients were truly feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders, feeling like they had no support and wanted a solution.

This is where I come in and teach you about Living Well. Living Bold and In Color! 

To Live Well, Live Bold, and Live in Color means you are living a life not based on what others think, but on how you really want to see your life.  You’re taking time to care for you; mind body and spirit. You're comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself, flaws and all.  You're learning how to say "NO" to things that take away from where you're aiming to be.  There’s not only positivity flowing within you, but it’s overflowing into other areas of your life.

We spendso much money on short -term fixes of happiness in our lives (clothes, cars jewelry, etc.) , why not take time to invest in something that will bring you more long lasting results of joy in your life. 

You only get one life, why not spend it in a career you love, a life you love and without feel guilty about it!


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